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    Penis Records

    Largest penis
    From the very beginning of the world creation people have been thinking about some problems concerning body size. Why, for example, some organs are too large and some others not? Especially for men, this problem appears when they understand that there are a lot of beautiful and sexy women in the world. So, men begin to worry about their penis size (long soft penis). But nobody can say exactly what size is the biggest one. Sometimes, men really exaggerate their own problems.

    But, also, some women give too much attention to penis size of their partner. There are some cases when girl informs penis size suitable for her but after demonstration she is not satisfied. According to some survey, the longest penis encountered was ten inches. In this interesting and detailed survey, published at the beginning of 1970, the largest penis was found to be 9½ in. in erection. But before there was some other information about the biggest penis. It was reported that the length of the erect organ was nearly 12 in . But if we look through the whole literature concerning this question we can find that the largest penis size is 14 in . But don’t take too much notice of this figure. The largest penis size is between 10 and 12 inches in their erect state.

    Smallest human penis
    Vast numbers of men - in one estimate the greater majority - think that they have a penis much below the average in size. Perhaps they should console themselves with the thought that many men have extremely diminutive organs. Pomeroy states that the smallest penis encountered in the Kinsey surveys was 1 in . long In the Forum study the smallest erect penis was found to be 4.75 in . in length, quite large compared with many of the specimens that do exist. There are instances reported in the medical literature of penises that do not exceed 1 cm . in full erection: such organs are sometimes labelled with the appropriate term "micropenis". And even 1 cm . is not the smallest-sized penis known to medical researchers.

    There is a condition known as congenital hypoplasia, where the body of the penis is totally absent and the glans is attached to the pubic region. In one such reported case, with an effective penis of much less than 1 cm . in length, the testes and secondary sexual characteristics were found to be quite normal.

    Smallest penis
    Some men worry that their penis size is not corresponding with world standards, it is smaller. But they should calm themselves because there are a lot of men who have extremely diminutive organs. According to some surveys the smallest penis size was 1 in .

    The smallest erect penis was found to be 4.75 in . If you look through some medical literature of penises you can find that in full erection it do not exceed 1 cm . Sometimes such organs are called “micropenis”. But people are surprised very much when they get to know that even 1 cm . is not the smallest-sized penis. There is some famous condition known as congenital hypoplasia. In this case the body of penis is absent at all and the glans is attached to the pubic region. In one survey was also found that even if the length of effective penis is less than 1 cm . all the sexual characteristics are normal.

    Largest penis by race
    In the Dr. Jacobus survey definite penis size differences on a basis of race were detected. The largest Arab penises were found to be between eight and ten inches; but it was among the Muslim Sudanese that Jacobus found "the most developed phallus" - notably "one of the maximum dimensions, being nearly 12 in . in length, by a diameter of 2- in."

    The hardy researcher remarked that this was "a terrific machine" - "more likely the penis of a donkey than of a man." He concluded that the "Sudanese Negro possesses the largest genital organ of all the races of mankind". In a less extensive survey, but equally interesting, Dr. Robert Chartham measured erect penises for groups of men of various nationalities. The largest organs for each nationality were as follows: English - 10½ in.; West German - 8½ in.; Negro - 7½ in.; French - 7¾ in.; Danish 8 in .; American - 7¾ in.; and Swedish 7¾ in. The groups were small, ranging from only 9 to 121 individuals; nevertheless the data acquired are not without significance.

    The largest penis size by race
    Some doctors say that on a basis of race penis sizes are also different. As for the Arabian people the penises are found to be between 8 and 10 inches . But it is not the biggest one. It is known that the largest Arab penis is nearly 12 in . in length, by diameter of 2 in . Can you imagine it? Also, if we speak about Sudanese Negro they have the largest penis of all races. According to one interesting survey there is the list of sizes for groups of men of various nationalities: the first place is English – 10½ in; the second - West German - 8½ in; and then you can see other nationalities: Danish 8 in .; American - 7¾ in.; French -7¾ in.; and Swedish 7¾ in. But looking through this list you should know that the groups of people were very small (from 9 to 121 persons).

    Smallest penis by race
    In the Jacobus survey the Hindu man was reckoned to have a penis that only averaged around 4 inches , a much smaller figure than for the other races investigated. In the Chartham survey the smallest organs in the various nationality groups were as follows: English - 2¾ in.; West German - 3½ in.; Negro - 4 in .; French 3½ in.; Danish - 5 in .; American - 3½ in.; and Swedish - 5 in . As we have already suggested, with the groups being rather small no racial conclusions can be drawn.

    The smallest penis size by race
    As for the smallest penis sizes by race it is known that the Hindu man has a penis size around 4 inches . As compared with other nationalities it is not the smallest size in the world. There are other measures: Swedish and Danish – 5 in ., Negro – 4 in ., West German, American and French - 3½ in., as for the smallest size - English - 2¾ in. But as we have already mentioned the groups of people were very small.

    Most capacious human vagina
    The human vagina, when not engaged in coitus, is often much smaller than the local penis. The vaginal tissue, happily enough, has the facility to expand to welcome the visitor and in such circumstances can quite easily double its volumetric capacity and become half as long again. It is not always realised, however, how capacious the human vagina can in fact be.

    There is a case reported by Walter (a matter of fact if we are to believe the Kronohausens' interpretation of "My Secret Life"), in which a woman is encouraged to insert as many coins as possible into her vagina. Walter produced five English pounds - "all in shillings" - and attempted to insert as many coins as possible into the woman's capacious tract. "Shilling after shilling I put up her, until forty were embedded in the elastic gully. . ." On and on she went until no less than seventy coins were inserted - "Triumphantly, she walked up and down the room, none falling out of her vagina." In the event the woman, Nellie, managed to retain eighty-four shillings in this manner - "I wish someone would do this every day."

    The biggest human vagina size
    It is known that the local penis is bigger than the human vagina if the last one is not engaged in coitus. In some circumstances the vaginal tissue has the possibility to become more extended, its size rises in 2 times. And now it is ready to take inside a penis. But sometimes people can’t imagine how capacious the human vagina can be. According to some surveys the woman’s vagina was so big that it had place for many coins. Her partner produced five English pounds (all in shillings). He tried to put into the woman’s tract as many coins as possible. They started from forty coins but after some time seventy coins were embedded in the elastic gully. It was interesting to see when that woman stood up and nothing fell out of her vagina. But it was not the end of their experiment. The ultimate result was eighty-four shillings!

    Longest human clitoris
    Clitoris size has only rarely been of importance in human society. A few communities- Ford and Beach mention the Easter Islanders - have favoured the large clitoris and some natives have tried with varying degrees of success to enlarge this organ in their girls. For the most part however, with a prevailing indifference in the nineteenth-century and early part of the twentieth-century to sexual arousal in women, the clitoris has been neglected. Needless to say, it varies in size. How big are the largest?

    Theo Lang in "The Difference Between a Man and a Woman" mentions one recorded instance of a woman having a clitoris 2 in . long, and 3 in . "when fully erect". Pomeroy has remarked that clitorises measuring more than 1 in . are very rare in whites, but may occur in 2 or 3 per cent of blacks "measurements of 3 in . and more were obtained from perhaps one out of 300 or 400 black women". Benjamin and Masters note in "The Prostitute in Society" that Parent-Duchalet came across a clitoris that measured 3.14 in . The eighteenth-century Swiss biologist, Albrecht von Haller, is said to have come across a woman with a monstrous clitoris no less than 7 in . long. But the record clitoris is almost certainly the 12 in . specimen mentioned by various writers and quoted (without comment) by W. Francis Benedict in "The Sexual Anatomy of Women".

    Longest clitoris size
    Continuing the question of the largest and longest human organs we can say clitoris size was not so important and interesting object for discussion. In some communities the large clitoris was admiration for people. Some natives tried to enlarge this human organ. But if we compare the nineteenth-century and early part of the twentieth-century we can see that the attitude to sexual arousal in women was rather indifferent. And also, the clitoris was ignored. As for the largest clitoris size it is mentioned one enormous instance of a clitoris 2 in . long and 3 in . in fully erect form.

    If we talk about the clitoris size by race namely between white and black women the measure of more than 1 in . is very rare in whites but sometimes happen such measurements as 3 in . and more in 2 or 3 % of blacks from one out of 300 or 400 women. Also, in some survey it was mentioned about the clitoris size – 3.14 in . From the information of the eighteenth-century we know that almost the record of the clitoris size is no less than 7 in . long. But as we have already mentioned it is not the record. The real surprise is the clitoris size almost in 12 in .

    Largest buttocks
    Albrecht Dürer Callipygous Eve and Adoring Adam, 1510.
    "Callipygous" means having beautiful buttocks.
    The largest buttocks occur in cases of steatopygy, generally associated with Hottentot, Bushman, and other African tribes. The condition is said to be rare in white women. In its most developed state each buttock can be two or three feet across and even the youngest members of the tribe can exhibit enormously inflated posteriors. Montegazza has included a number of pictures of women with posterior steatopygy.

    Steatopygy (The largest buttocks)
     Talking about some African tribes occur some cases of steatopygy (the largest buttocks). But as for the white women they have no such big posteriors, it is a rare occasion. Each buttock can be no more than two or three feet across. There are many pictures of women who have enormously inflated posteriors. We can call such occasions as cases of steatopygy.


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